Laboratory Specialists

Why QSC?
Our greatest strength is knowledge.

QSC provides strategic direction in the design, construction, and implementation of both new and existing laboratories. Making them better, faster, stronger.

  • We IDENTIFY the nuances of your business.
  • We LOCATE dormant opportunities, identify problem areas, and assess compliance.
  • We ANALYZE lab workflow—pinpointing what’s roadblocking or bottlenecking the process.
  • We PROVIDE perceptive solutions to ensure a smooth transition, from the beginning phase to daily operations.
  • We KNOW HOW to jump the hurdles of time and logistics to create your new or improved lab.
  • We TEAM with you and your staff to implement these recommendations.

Your organization’s bread and butter.

State/federal governments, public and private medical practices, law enforcement—all demand compliant, accurate, state-of-the-art services. QSC’s roots began in the laboratory testing environment, so we understand the benefits of on-site testing for your business: faster results, increased revenue, and decreased costs.

Are you sure your lab is 100% compliant?

While your lab may be running smoothly, the requirements for compliance are ever-changing. Are you up to speed on the latest regulations? With droves of state/local mandates and Federal CLIA/COLA and CAP regulatory requirements, QSC’s knowledge base and expertise will partner with your organization for compliance. Always.