Laboratory Specialists

Quality Systems and Compliance has a very unique approach with our clients by working with each client on an individual and personal level. This approach helps us understand each client’s business process and goals. With this information Quality Systems and Compliance can produce a customized and compliant laboratory program that will meet the needs of your organization.

We offer over 20 years of experience and have a proven track record based on our ability to keep our clients’ laboratories compliant and successful.

If you are interested in learning more about Quality Systems and Compliance, contact us or for more information submit an online information form.

Laboratory Compliance

Unlike other consultants, QSC offers regulatory and quality services including, new laboratory installation, documentation, auditing, training, workflow assessment and ongoing support to your lab. Compliance services include:

Compliance services include:

QSC on Demand/On Call Services

Quality Systems and Compliance services can be accessed on a per-use, as-needed basis via email, phone or virtual.

QSC’s On Demand services include:

Support and Resources for CLIA/COLA/CAP/ISO

Custom documents, forms, records, log sheets

Cost Analysis

Data Analysis

Validation and Calibration verification/linearity
Study plans and templates
Data review and statistical reporting

Point Of Care Testing (POCT)

The testing and analyses of patient samples is no longer confined to the walls of a laboratory. Robust technology has propelled testing from lab environment to patient-side. Decentralized testing, Near Patient Testing, and Point of Care Testing can become integrated, cost-effective segments of your growing lab’s portfolio of services. On-site testing delivers efficient triage, rapid turn-around times, and same-day treatment plans that benefit both the patient and your bottom line. 

How QSC can help you with POCT:

Auditing Services

Are you sure your lab is 100% compliant?

While your lab may be running smoothly, the requirements for compliance are ever-changing. Are you up to speed on the latest regulations?

With droves of state mandates and Federal CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment)/COLA, CAP and ISO regulatory requirements, Quality Systems and Compliance can audit your facility to ensure compliance.

Whether you are a CAP or COLA accredited lab, seek ISO certification or maintain the CLIA requirements, there are times a fresh set of eyes can help you detect potential issues prior to your inspection or survey.

Why wait for a deficiency to become a citation, when Quality Systems and Compliance can help identify problem areas and help you implement a plan of correction.

Quality Systems and Compliance will:

Operational Improvements and Custom Services

QSC is committed to providing our clients with frequent operational assessments and enhancements. Our consultation extends to helping you maintain successful performance throughout the growth of your laboratory.

Operational improvements and customizable services offered: