Laboratory Specialists


Let Quality Systems and Compliance audit your facility to ensure compliance to CAP/COLA/CLIA and prepare your laboratory for an upcoming survey.

Whether you are CAP or COLA accredited or have CLIA surveys for your laboratory, there are times when a fresh set of eyes can help detect potential issues prior to your actual inspection.

Why wait for an issue or problem to become a citation, when Quality Systems and Compliance can help identify problem areas and help you implement a plan of correction.

Quality Systems and Compliance will:

  • Review current processes
  • Review current policies and procedures
  • Ensure proper documentation is in place
  • Ensure COLA/CAP/CLIA requirements are being met
  • Offer updates (if any) to COLA/CAP and CLIA
  • Review personnel requirements and competency
  • Ensure proper handling of proficiency test samples
  • Prepare audit report/gap analysis
  • Submit a corrective action plan
  • Certified in ISO 19011 auditing

Our personalized approach has been proven successful by consistently keeping our clients in compliance. If you are interested in learning more about Quality Systems and Compliance, contact a representative today or for more information, visit our online information form.