Laboratory Specialists

Point Of Care Testing (POCT)

The testing and analyses of patient samples is no longer confined to the walls of a laboratory. Robust technology has propelled testing from lab environment to patient-side. Decentralized testing, Near Patient Testing, and Point Of Care Testing can become integrated, cost-effective segments of your growing lab’s portfolio of services. On-site testing delivers efficient triage, rapid turn-around times, and same-day treatment plans that benefit both the patient and your bottom line. Like all testing, accuracy is key!

How QSC can help you with POCT:

  • Ensure manufacturer's requirements are followed
  • Establish POCT protocols
  • Validation procedures
  • Employee training
  • QA, CLIA/COLA/CAP and local compliance requirements
  • Oversee annual POCT evaluation
  • Reporting procedures/reviews
  • Ensure accuracy of results
  • On-going reviews and audits